Design and Elegance With Designer Give Bags

A handbag is a beauty accessory any real lady must have. They come in various designs, materials and colour. The number of handbag designers is quite sizable and every single one of these has own style which is the main selling point.

Among the power house names in the industry is Louis Vuitton. This French born fashion and design wizard has been in the industry for many years and is one of the leading designer in France, Europe and all around the globe. As read more , she's many designer accessories under her belt plus they include:

- Stressa GM Handbags: Sexy, silk, chic and casual! This is the best way to spell it out this piece of accessory which you can use for both official functions and casual / weekend or out of town adventures.

- Totally GM Totes: Size meets style. It is both spacious and stylish in fact it is suitable for an at all times occasion, in which a lady is attending and official event or taking a week-end out. more info is an accessory for women who've real taste.

- Louis Vuitton Canvas Tulum PM: It strictly for the executives. Its shape may be the main selling point. It really is round shaped with gold brass and adjustable straps with ample space.

It is important to be in a position to differentiate between genuine products and the counterfeits/replica. For Louis Vuitton genuine hand bags, the prices range from between $375 and over $1000, so if u get yourself a one going for less than $375, ask yourself why?